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Bold New App Is Eradicating Gym Intimidation

Hey I’m Sarah, and I used to have zero confidence about going to the gym.

I was so out of shape that I felt like everyone was staring at me, secretly judging me if I was struggling with any of the weights or machines. So I would go to the mats in the corner of the gym and eek out a few awkward situps, do little half-hearted stretching, and then go home feeling dejected.

I never felt like I belonged.

Plus, I was lost and overwhelmed about where to start. I was tired of carrying around the extra fat I had picked up over the years so I was determined to make this the year I finally got in shape.

So I got on the internet and researched the best workouts for beginners. The only problem was, everyone seemed to recommend something completely different.

After searching for the perfect workout I was left even more frustrated than when I began.

What was I supposed to do?

Should I do a full-body workout each time or should I break up my routine into certain muscle groups? How much weight should I lift and what if I’m too out of shape to handle an intense workout?

I was so overwhelmed that I stopped going to the gym for months. And what’s worse… I was still paying my membership fees!

I was just about to cancel my gym membership when a close friend gave me some advice that changed my life.

I was telling my friend Michelle about my struggles and she said this,

“The reason you feel like you don’t belong at the gym is because you don’t know what to do. All you need is a little guidance. Have you thought about hiring a personal trainer?”

At first that seemed like a great idea, until I found out how much they charge. I called my gym to ask about signing up for personal training but get this…

…it was going to cost about $200 for an introductory session and then $100 an hour.

Personal training was going to cost me way more than I was comfortable spending… we’re talking about $1,200 a month!

So it was back to the internet to try and find a solution. 

What You Get


Custom tailored meal plans crafted depending on your unique goals.


Easy to follow daily workout plans with instructional videos included


Your going to have questions. Speak with a certified personal trainer to get the guidance you need.

That’s when I found the answer I’d been searching for! That’s when I found Trainee.

It’s an app that helps anyone who is tired of feeling lost or intimidated at the gym get in the best shape of their lives with daily workouts, daily custom meal plans, and UNLIMITED live chat with a certified personal trainer!

I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know if I was going to get some cookie cutter workouts or meal plans. Not to mention, was I really going to get unlimited access to a real live personal trainer?

But the cost to join was so low (less than a couple cups of coffee per month) and I didn’t have to sign any contracts so I figured, “Why not?”

I can now say that signing up for Trainee was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. Here’s what happened next.

I filled out a short questionnaire about what I wanted to accomplish and what my goals were.

Then I was given a custom workout and meal plan to fit my
unique goals.

And let me tell you, the plans they send are awesome! No more wasted time searching the internet for the perfect plan.

I get a daily workout with all the exercises, sets, reps, rest periods sent straight to my phone.

And here’s the awesome part, it even comes with video instructions that show me how to do each exercise safely.

The daily meal recommendations take all the guesswork out of what to eat and what to get at the grocery store.

By now you might be wondering, has it been smooth sailing ever since signing up with Trainee?

Not even close!

I’ve only been using it for 3 months now and sometimes I have questions about certain exercises.

But I’ve been able to stick to my routine because I have 24/7 UNLIMITED access to my personal trainer who’s always willing to answer any of my questions.

Plus, my trainer gives me that little extra motivation and accountability I need on days when I’m just not feeling it.

Here’s what I’ve noticed after sticking with Trainee for the past 3 months.

First the scale.

I’ve lost 12 pounds of fat and my arms and stomach or as tone as they used to be when I was in college. Now that I’m starting to see results I feel more motivated to stick with my daily workouts and meal plans.

Even my coworkers have noticed my improvements. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the compliments.

But here’s the real benefit.

I no longer feel like an imposter when I’m in the gym.

I walk in with confidence, I know exactly where to go and what to do. I’m finally getting my money’s worth out of my membership fees.

If you can relate to my story and you know what it’s like to feel intimidated in the gym then you need to head over to gettrainee.com and sign up.

While most people are paying $100 for just one hour with a personal trainer you can get unlimited access to yours for only $9.95 a month.

And don’t forget, you get custom daily workouts and meal plans tailored to your own unique goals.

Make this the year you finally put an end to feeling intimidated at the gym and instead finally get the help you need to build the body you deserve.

Click the button below and checkout Trainee for yourself!